Taking the Day

I had the day off recently during a nice break in the weather. The stream gauge was still high and the fly shop advice...

New Trout Wagon

I’ve always tried to think as February as a great month for the single reason that I celebrate my birthday then. But to be...

Finding Rainbows

I had the chance the other day to get out and fish on a mild December day with some good friends. I gave them...

Up in the Hollow

Had the chance to get out and walk through a piece of wildness. beer

Heading Out of State

G had been reliving a memory from a decade ago about steelhead in New York. We made the trip and found something. beer

Going Back Because…

There is always a fish rising somewhere There are trains You can drink a beer in peace Parking is free You don’t need a...

Spring Might Be The Best

Fall has that feel like no other season does. It is no wonder that the first few Fall like days draw people away from...

Another Day in the Hills

Simply another day when me and the dudes can roll around in the hills searching for trout. beer

Overlined Rod

Put a 9wt line on my 8wt and hit the lake for a few hours. beer
Sunday flycasting 2

Teaching Fly Casting

I enjoy putting fly rods in people’s hands and teaching them to cast. Here are a few photo’s from a past weekend I spent...