Michigan is My Kinda Place

I have little words to describe what the state of Michigan does to my soul. It is the place that I became true to...

Best Fish of the Year

I’ll admit that i’ve often lead the charge on some wild goose chases. These pursuits have not always been fruitful but that will never...

Birthday Present

It has only been about 4 months but I finally got the chance to take the plastic off the cork and fish my birthday...
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Traditions – Kootenai Angler

One of the coolest places I have had the pleasure to experience. Those fish truly jump like that no matter their size. Enjoy this...

Just Get Out

We are at that stage of life when other obligations rival fly fishing and often win. Its sad but true and the more you...

I’m Not Always Right

Convinced the fishing partners to take a gamble and explore some other water than our normal. They agreed and I took them on some...

Taking the Day

I had the day off recently during a nice break in the weather. The stream gauge was still high and the fly shop advice...

New Trout Wagon

I’ve always tried to think as February as a great month for the single reason that I celebrate my birthday then. But to be...

Finding Rainbows

I had the chance the other day to get out and fish on a mild December day with some good friends. I gave them...

Up in the Hollow

Had the chance to get out and walk through a piece of wildness. beer