Solo fish with company

Most of the time when I’m planning a fishing day I send out some communication to my buddies looking for some company. With varied...

a week ago

a week ago I had the day free and knew fishing was going to fill the freedom. It was cold and windy but I...

Birthday Cake

A awesome cake made by my lovely girlfriend for my 27th birthday! beer

Blue Wing Olive Biots

I have always enjoyed the look of Biot bodies, especially on tiny flies like these #20′s beer

First of 2014

It was the kind of day when you could open a beer and have it be colder before finished. beer

No, this reel

First I wanted a Tibor then a Hatch, but now I’m thinking that a Ross Reel is the way to go for my 8wt....

Half Dozen Brown Worms

Planning to stick these in the jaw of a steelbow tomorrow up on the ice ridden streams of NW PA… beer

Boiling Water Into Air

Too cold for fishing Boiling Water Into Air from Beer Trout on Vimeo. beer
sold out

Sold Out

I think this is my next purchase… beer